The Bear Inn

Tostock Road, Beyton, IP30 9AG

Pizza at The Bear

Neapolitan style pizza, hand stretched sour dough

(approx. 10-12 inches) with 100% Italian tomato sauce and

Mozzarella, cooked in our stone based pizza oven.

Gluton Free base & Vegan cheese is available in the add a topping section when ordering 

Marinara (vegan) £7.50

basil & oregano (NO CHEESE) vegan

Margher​ita (V) £8.50


Pepperoni £9.75

Ham, Mushroom & Garlic £10.25

roast ham,mushroom, crushed garlic

Four Cheese (V) £11.50

mozzarella, cheddar, gorgonzola, parmesan,basil

Alternative Vegetarian £10.50

spinach, artichoke,capers & truffle glaze

Vegetarian (V) £9.75

mushroom, red onion, green pepper, basil

Sicilian £9.75

olives,capers,anchovy, rocket

Sides -

garlic pizza bread (V)£4.50

cheese garlic pizza bread (V)£5.75

rosemary & sea salt pizza bread (v)£4.25

green salad (v)£4.50

coleslaw (v)£3.00

Scan our QR code and follow the Served Up link to order your pizza for collection.